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I am Aravika Khosla - an aspiring mixed-method UX researcher & behavior scientist 

I am studying human behavior in the master's program at the University of 


My love for all things related to maths and human behavior led me to pursue a degree in economics & behavior science.

This ultimately led me to work for over 2 years as a mixed-method researcher, where I delved into the intersection of social and data science.

Research Experience

Through my research, I aim to find "why" individuals behave the way they do or "how" they come to a decision. I have learnt about human behavior using mathematical models,  through design thinking and also by using big data analytic tools. I aim to use this roadmap and knowledge to innovate products and accelerate behavior change. As an individual, my core values revolve around three pillars: fostering connections with people, acquiring knowledge, and embracing innovation: which has led me to want to pursue a career in the field of behavior science & user research

Skills: Qualitative User Research & Design Thinking, Statistical Analysis & Econometrics, Experimental and Survey Design, Machine Learning & Programming

On the side, I cultivated my interest in visual arts through photography and product design

A place where my interest in human-centred design & storytelling was honed

Photography & Videography

Product Design

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