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 A Sustainable Fashion Enterprise

It focuses on sustainable fashion by upcycling waste into marketable clothing products and accessories. We collaborated with three semi-skilled rural woman to produce products and increase our social impact.


My Role: Head

Timeline: 2 months

Tools: Persona Development, User Interviews, Empathy Mapping, Adobe Illustrator - Product Sketching, Technical Pack

As the project head, I led 30 volunteers, designed products, developed a sustainable market, cared for producers' welfare, and managed financial operations.

Product Journey: Sustainable Fashion

Collection of waste and donated clothes from various sources.

Create eco-friendly clothing items by stitching in collaboration with our women-led producer team.

Sort and categorize items based on fabric type, condition, and potential for upcycling.

Promote the products through various channels.

Explore innovative ideas for transforming old fabrics into new, stylish products.

Encourage customers to return old products for recycling or upcycling.


To enhance customer choice, we wanted to introduce a product that has limited alternatives in the market and aligns with the preferences of our customer base through user research and product design. 

Our mission was to increase sales to improve the standard of living of our producers and to spread awareness about sustainable fashion.


Aghaaz initially featured a lineup of 12 products; however, the popularity of two particular items resulted in an excess of leftover stock for most others and a slower sale velocity.


Through logs of customer feedback we realised that although our customers resonated with our mission, their satisfaction was tempered by concerns regarding design choices and pricing.

In response to customer feedback and to broaden the range of choices, we embarked on an initiative to introduce a new product.


Approach and Research Plan

User Persona


College Student

College Student#1 is supports Aghaaz' mission towards sustainability. She is pursuing her education at a liberal arts university. She is in her second year, majoring in English.

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Pain Points: 

- Price is high related to the quality Aghaaz provides

- Less visibility of Aghaaz on Social Media

- Finds cloth designs to be limited


- Supports Aghaaz' Mission towards different social causes

- Finds everyday sustainable alternatives



Volunteer#1 is a passionate and environmentally conscious student pursuing her education at a liberal arts university. She is in her third year, majoring in Sociology. She actively engages in campus initiatives related to sustainability.

Age: 21

Occupation: Student

Why she works for Aghaaz?

" Sustainability means prioritising society over self. Its everything that Aghaaz works towards"

What products does she think work well for Aghaaz and Why?

- Scrunchies and Tote bags due to their quality, affordability and options



Peer#1 is  pursuing her education at a liberal arts university. She is in her first year, majoring in Economics. As a friend of an Aghaaz team member, Peer #1 has been introduced to the brand's mission and values. She is open to exploring sustainable fashion options and providing her unique perspective to the Aghaaz team, contributing insights from an economics standpoint.​

Age: 19

Occupation: Student

Pain Points:

- Aghaaz is less accessible on social media

- diversity of products is limited

- quality of some products not at par

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 11.53.48 AM.png

Key Takeaways


Diversity in Products

To diversify our product, our key decision was to introduce and launch a new product to provide sustainable alternatives  



Our findings reveal a strategic advantage in cost management, positioning our product at par, if not below, the prevailing market prices. This unique advantage is derived from a decision to rely on donated cloth collection and efficient stitching processes.


Quality and Designs

To ensure a standard level of quality and number of design, we doubled our efforts during collection of donated clothes


Accessibility and Visibility on Social Media

In our marketing strategy, we've tapped into the support and positive sentiments customers express for Aghaaz's social causes. Acknowledging the sense of fulfillment derived from their association with Aghaaz, we seamlessly integrated this sentiment into our product promotion to enhance visibility. Furthermore, we emphasized the product journey and streamlined ordering instructions to enhance accessibility.

Finalising the Product

01 Affordable

02 Quality Control

03 Sustainable Alteranative

Reliance on only cloth as our key raw material & an everyday fashion essential




A Look into
Designing the Bandana

through sketches, mood boards, product research, and technical pack



We launched a total of three products: a bandana, a laptop sleeve, and belts. The latter two were introduced following thorough market research and brainstorming sessions. Surprisingly, the bandana, introduced subsequent to extensive user research, emerged as the most successful in terms of sales velocity.

As a result of this success, the enterprise witnessed a remarkable 25% increase in profit. Moreover, customer feedback concerning pricing, cloth design, and quality saw notable improvements, reflecting positively on our products and brand perception.

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